Level 1 Obedience and Handling Program

Our level 1 obedience training is a program designed to be a dog handling course and an obedience program for your dog. In this course you will learn how to handle your dog using basic obedience commands which include heeling, sits, stays, downs, recalls, downs and various other skills such as proper corrections and rewards for your dog. You will learn to use various training techniques, tools and be trained in a very realistic manner that will prepare you to handle most situations with your dog. Your dog will learn to deal with various levels of stress such as environmental and noise pressure to help them build strong confidence and help them prepare for the real world. This is a 10-week program which requires daily training at home once the trainers have given you your lesson and instructions. There is a very high focus on detail during training, we have a high standard for our dogs and our handlers which we help you achieve. This course is also educational for first time dog owners as we provide education on nutrition, equipment, behavioral modification, and long-term dog ownership. If you are looking for a challenging yet highly rewarding course for you and your dog this is recommended. At the completion of the program, you will receive a BallisticK9Canada certificate of completion and will have access to advanced programs at our training center.

Level 2 Obedience and Handling Program

Our level 2 obedience training program is our most advanced obedience course at our training facility. This program requires you to be a certified level 1 handler as it is an extension to the first course. You will cover all obedience commands except the work with your dog is now done off leash. You will be taught how to handle your dog with advanced techniques such as hand signals, distances, higher pressure, and other dogs as distractions. This course requires a very motivated dog handler and dog, it can be challenging and will set you apart from most dog owners. At this level of handling, you will have confidence and skills to handle your dog off leash in various situations and environments. During this training you will learn more complex and advanced ways to engage with your dog and to work as an effective team. Many of our successful graduates from this program enroll their dogs into specific jobs such a personal protection work, support dogs and other task specific roles. The length of this course is 12-weeks and you will receive a BallisticK9Canada certificate of completion once your exam is successfully completed.

Group Training

Our group training programs come in level 1 and level 2. Our level 1 graduates who successfully completed their course can enter group training which has all level 1 certified handlers and dogs. Very similar to that is our level 2 group training, it is for all level 2 handlers and dogs who successfully completed level 2 obedience. Our group training classes are very dynamic and always different from the last. We tend to have anywhere from 3 to 5 dogs per class and we provide new challenges and skills for our handlers. In these programs you will learn to handle other people’s dogs during training expanding your personal experience and skills. Due to our obedience programs having a standard in place, every handler will have the same skills and tools for this training. There is no time frame for group training, and it is continuous allowing handlers and their dogs to continue their education and socialization skills in a safe and professional environment.

Personal Protection Training

Our personal protection training program requires handlers to be certified in both level 1 and 2 obedience programs. The dog and handler will be constantly assessed during their level 1 and 2 training to ensure they are capable for this highly demanding course. To enquire more about this program please book an appointment to speak to one of our trainers.

At Home Training

We offer at home training to help people who have challenges or simply need to learn how to have a balanced life and structure with their dog. Both levels 1 and 2 of obedience are offered for people at their home as well as behavioral modification.

Behavioral Modification

We offer behavioral modification training at our facility for dogs who are aggressive or have problems that can potentially become high risk for their owner. Your dog will be assessed at our facility at no charge and we will design a safe plan to assist you in correcting the behaviour allowing you to have a manageable dog. The length of this program is 5 weeks but can be extended depending on the individual dog and its issues. We accept all breeds for this program including dogs who previously may have displayed serious aggression.

Board and Train

We offer board and training services at our facility which are 4 weeks in length. We offer level 1 and 2 obedience, personal protection training and behavioral modification. Please contact us to inquire more details and information.

Decoy Services

If you have a working dog in personal protection, security, military, or Police work we offer decoy services. Our decoy service comes with 2 decoys, 2 suits, sleeves, and other various training tools to prepare your dog for potentially high risk and crisis situations. We offer decoy services at our facility and off property by special appointment. To enquire more about this service please book an appointment to speak with one of our trainers.


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